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The Strand Ayeyarwady Ship
Sarkies Bar on the Strand Cruise
The Strand Cruise Strand Cabin
The Strand Cruise Sun Deck Pool
Strand Cruise Sun Deck Terrace
The Strand Restaurant on the Strand Cruise

Our Story


The Strand Hotel Yangon

During the colonial period the Strand Hotel was an eminent and distinguished hotel, regarded as "the finest hostelry east of Suez" and "patronized by royalty, nobility and distinguished personages". In 1988 the Strand was sold and renovated extensively to return it to its former glory.

By 1993, the prominent hotel had reopened as an all suite, deluxe boutique hotel, staying true to its original architectural heritage. For the first time this landmark property was listed on the Yangon City Heritage List and also amongst the select Members of the Most Famous Hotels in the world.

Inaugurating in early 2016, the Strand Cruise is a reinvention of the legendary style and unique personality of The Strand Hotel within a contemporary river cruise experience, with exceptional standards of comfort, discreet personalised service, and design touches that combines the character of the Strand in its heyday as a meeting place for explorers and raconteurs with the latest technology such as individually controlled air conditioning and satellite WI-FI throughout the ship.