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Strand Cruise activities
Strand Cruise activities
Strand Cruise journey
Myanmar Architecture
Bagan Myanmar
Mandalay Myanmar


Once aboard the Strand Cruise, fall in love with the wonders and sights of this wonderful country in an instant. Starting with 4 nights from Bagan to Mandalay and 3 nights from Mandalay to Bagan.

Enrich your cultural knowledge in Mandalay, home to thousands of monks in the Buddhist spiritual center.

Meet the lively and friendly people who manage to keep the glory of their heritage. The many historical and memorable sights will enchant you during those authentic and exotic journeys.

Route available from:

  • January to April 2017 and September to December 2017
  • January to April 2018 and September to December 2018

Our daily excursions offer a full and comprehensive tour as part of our scheduled itinerary, detailing the history and significance of all sites visited. However, tailor-made itineraries are available upon request, should you prefer to customise such a tour.

Whilst every effort is undertaken to ensure our excursions and itineraries are adhered to, adverse weather conditions or logistical issues experienced during the journey may result in small changes at short notice.

Mandalay to Bagan
3 Nights Cruise

Mandalay to Bagan - 3 Nights Cruise

Bagan to Mandalay
4 Nights Cruise

Bagan to Mandalay - 4 Nights Cruise